Standard Specifications for Model:BDW

Model JKT-1360-BDW JKT-1460-BDW JKT-1560-BDW
Lip Length(mm) 1300 1400 1500
Web width(mm) 500`1100 550`1200 600`1300
Heater &
Control Zone
Al Cast Heater 7 zone 15.4kW 7 zone/9 zone 17.4kW 9 zone 18.3kW
Lip Heater 1250o 2KW 1350o 2KW 1450o 2KW
Wiring Terminal wiring type
Lip Clearance 0.83mm
Die body Material Heat resistance material
(H-Type: Corrosion proof material)
Weight(Approx.Kg) 370 400 450

JYOHOKU T-Dies are available among the models,
from JKT-1060-BDW(Web width 800o) to JKT-4360-BDW(Web width 4000mm).